At the young age of eight, God gave Jeane a vision of people with lifted hands, crying, “help us, help us.” At that very moment she knew God was calling her into a life of ministry. Since that day Jeane has grown up, and she has continued to experience God’s supernatural power in her life. 

Jeane has been called a revivalist and an awesome praise and worship leader. When she speaks, it is with conviction and anointing. If you would like to go to the throne room, Jeane knows how to take you there and she will speak in a fresh, bold way, as to how Jesus might live His attributes in your lives.

Jeane attended Southwestern Bible College in Waxahachi, Texas and has served as an ordained minister, pastor’s wife, music pastor, and teacher.  Currently, she is writing a book on her memoirs of how God took a small child from Georgia and broadened her experiences far beyond anything she could have imagined.

At the age of seven, Jeane experienced the pain of grief  after losing her father in a tragic accident. During the “tent era crusades,” she had the privilege of traveling in evangelism, going to many places throughout the USA, Canada, Cuba, Mexico and Norway.

At age eleven, the Holy Spirit gave her the gift of music which she still enjoys ministering through to this day. Through God’s guidance she learned how to play five different instruments. What a journey this gift has taken Jeane. She has witnessed and been part of seeing broken lives surrender to Jesus and be restored to new life; seeing the sick healed and the blind see; the deaf hear, and the lame walk. She witnessed and was involved in ministry during the 1960’s and 70’s during the Charismatic Renewal; crossing denominational lines.

Jeane is a godly woman who speaks from her heart with wisdom, maturity, and experience. She is a vibrant woman of God and the tenderness she speaks with, blesses both men and women of all ages. If you are looking for a retreat speaker, or someone to speak to your group she would love to be the vessel God might use, in speaking His Word with love from her heart to theirs. To contact Jeane, her email address is: