Jeane is available to speak at Christian Women’s Luncheons and Retreats.  Her positive approach brings victory and healing to all audiences, sharing from her own experiences.

Jeane was Our Speaker at the Women’s Retreat .at ECCO Conference Center in Oakhurst, CA

The leader said, “Jeane did an excellent job bringing us four  messages on “Praise Brings Joy and Victory!”

 A wonderful anointing of the Holy Spirit was present to work His manifestation of healing and wholeness to the ladies.

Dear Jeane,

I enjoyed every word of your sermon at church today.  I was sitting next to Paul and I heard a lot of soft amens.  May God bless you and your children, Otto and the ones you have fostered.


Your message in Indio was presented with such clarity and anointing.  Many were blessed, saved and healed.  I loved your style.  Pastor

Thank you Pastor.

Dear Jeane,

Thank you for the anointed message this morning.  I felt it quiet because people were taking it in.  The first words out of Jim’s mouth as we were leaving were, “that was a very inspiring message Jeane gave.”  I heard your story about your mother’s relocating to her Father’s house before, but this morning it brought me to tears.  It touched us all.  Thank you for being my inspiration in so many things and thank you for just being the mighty woman of God that you are.  What a blessing and inspiration you are to all around you.  I know whenever I am around you, I want to go higher, learn more and be a more Godly woman.  Thank you.  I love you and pray you have a wonderful, joyful, and richly blessed Mother’s Day.